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Official Selection


China 2020
Duration: 02:38
Directed by: WanYing, Wang Zixuan , Ma Qiongxi , Jane Fu , Gloria Gao
Production/School: Ai Shengying

One day, when catty goes to the cinema to see his long-awaited (R-rated) animated movie< Super Cat Vs Man>, he gets into his seat in anticipation. In the back row a father sat down with his three children, who shouted; The man next to him huddled in his seat and snored. During the movie, a couple used a flashlight to find their seats. People in the cinema doing candid.The children started screaming cry, also upset the popcorn in catty‘s head. The cries of children and the snoring of adults hovered over the cinema。 Then released movie screen villain who has the explosives.Catty is staring at the screen, imagining himself carrying the explosives lit.The cinema is immediately surrounded by white light, all the noise stopped.When catty wake up from fantasy and film had ended.Other people were gone, catty is disappointed from the cinema to leave.