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Official Selection

NEVER SEEN / Jamais Vu

Hong Kong 2021
Duration: 03:28
Directed by: Chiu Man Yui Serena, Tse Jasmine Elizabeth, Law Ho Yi Woody, Yuen Ka Hei Hannah
ANIMATION: CHIU Man Yui Serena, TSE Jasmine Elizabeth, LAW Ho Yi Woody, YUEN Ka Hei Hannah
Technique: 2D Animation, Cut Out Animation
MUSIC: “Memory Cascades” by Isan, ℗&© 2019 Morr Music
Production/School: School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

In light of our dull daily life routines in this concrete jungle where everything always seems boring and familiar, our collage animation strives to explore creativity, funkiness and craziness from daily objects and characters. Jamais Vu, our title, aims to depict the strangeness and alienation of everyday objects and environments.