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Official Selection


Hong Kong 2020
Duration: 02:42
Directed by: Chui Hau Tung (Judy), He Jun (Nix), Wu Man Yi (Rebecca), Zeng Zheng (Christine)
Animation: Hau Tung CHUI(Judy), Jun HE (Nix), Man Yi WU(Rebecca), Zheng ZENG(Christine)
Technique: stop-motion, 2D digital animation
Music: "Timberburn" Lux Prima, ℗&© 2020 SaS Recordings
Production/School: School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

The animation focuses on the aesthetics of food and the textures of bubbles. The main objects in this animation are fruits and vegetables, which have vivid colour and dazzling texture under the microscope. By applying several filter techniques, it resembles bubbling lava.