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Official Selection

ARACHNE. NOT A SPIDER STORY. / Arachne. Nie o pająkach.

Poland 2019
Duration: 05:05
Directed by: Gabi Bania
Screenplay: Gabi Bania
Animation: Gabi Bania
Technique: 2D computer animation
Music: Gabi Bania
Production/School: Gabi Bania
Dialogue language: Polish
Subtitles language: English

The picture is the screen adaptation of the myth about Arachne. However, it does not present the story in a traditional way, but rather puts a new face to the myth that brings deep content that can help young people in a different perception of the world. The myth of Arachne is not just a simple story about spiders, but an image showing an important social problem of excessive competition called the "rat race" that is often observed among young people. It often leads to an irreversible tragedy.