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Official Selection


Greece 2020
Duration: 03:01
Directed by: Erato Baloglou
Screenplay: Erato Baloglou
Animation: Erato Baloglou
Technique: 3D Animation
Music: Lily Allen - "Somewhere only we know" cover
Production/School: AKTO College
Dialogue language: English

"Somewhere only we know" is a short 3D animated film, suitable for all ages, touching on loss, mourning, but also the posthumous messages sent by deceased pets. Rosana, one of the two protagonists of the film, is a young girl who recently lost her beloved pet rabbit, Pearl. One night, while Rosana is immersed in her grief and memories, Pearl's ghost visits her and leads her back to the secret place where they used to spend their time together. There, it reveals to her something that will ease her pain and help her overcome her grief.