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Official Selection


Turkey 2021
Duration: 01:57
Directed by: Öykü Naz Tungul
Animation: Öykü Naz Tungul
Technique: Frame by Frame
Music: İrem Küçük
Production/School: Öykü Naz Tungul
Dialogue language: English

Have you ever considered about what gifts that we all had from mother nature? How do we understand what are those gifts and how to evaluate them? Our most basic instinct is to use these gifts in a certain duration. However, this manner of over-using nature itself tears apart the idea of "gifts." The damage that humankind makes continuously has many outcomes and this short animation is trying to make people face with their own actions. Mainly, the emotions of greed, selfishness and arrogance are shown in the animation. These are the emotions that makes humankind feel themselves more superior than everything; in this case, nature itself. In short, the aim of this animation is to create an awareness against the long-dated threat of humankind when it comes to wielding the gifts of the nature.