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Official Selection


Taiwan 2019
Duration: 04:35
Directed by: Wu-Ching Chang
Screenplay: Wu-Ching Chang
Animation: Wu-Ching Chang
Technique: 2D Computer Animation, Object Animation, Paint on Acrylic Sheet
Music: Wu-Ching Chang, Mike Wyeld
Production/School: Royal College of Art
Dialogue language: No Dialogue
Subtitles language: N/A

The girl suffers from a feeling of great discomfort that comes without warning, like an uncontrollable disaster. When the panic is accompanied by a flapping of wings, a chaotic, dissociated journey into her unconsciousness begins. The film is based on concepts of panic attack and ornithophobia. Through materializing the feelings of people who suffer from panic attack and ornithophobia, the director aim to discuss the core issues of fear, life and death. The film is a collaborative project with the Wellcome Collection. The Wellcome Collection is a famous museum based in London, where displays a mixture of medical artefacts and original artworks exploring ideas about medicine and art. The animation techniques in the film contain computer animation, object animation, stop motion animation, and multiple experimental artistic practice, such like cotton, beads, acrylic, and celluloid. IMDb