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Official Selection


3rd Award Student Animation

Russia 2019
Duration: 14:40
Directed by: Kirill Khachaturov
Screenplay: Kirill Khachaturov
Animation: Kirill Khachaturov
Technique: 3d
Music: Kirill Khachaturov
Production/School: Moscow School of New Cinema
Dialogue language: Russian
Subtitles language: English

Somewhere in Eastern Europe due to an accident in a laboratory, the hero gains superpowers that he does not want. The hero does not want to be a superhero, to save the world from villains, he wants to live as before without changing anything. The situation is complicated by the fact that while he gains the awareness of his power, it causes problems in his everyday life. While he is stuck in the elevator, he meets a girl who likes him and wants to help him.