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Official Selection


China 2021
Duration: 06:37
Directed by: Yizhen Chen
Technique: watercolor/ 2d computer
Production/School: Yizhen CHEN
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

A melt of memories and dreams, the boy is summoned by his departed girlfriend, and he blows out his soul by breathing, following her into a chaotic world. In this world, he can see his girlfriend but cannot communicate with her. Suddenly, hell surrounds them, and in a moment of struggle and memory, he discovers that hell comes from within them. After uncovering this "MAJA", he sees his girlfriend trapped in a fast-spinning human-shaped mirror, the other side of which reflects the vision of hell, and he rushes to this side and becomes the two sides of the mirror together with his girlfriend. A ball suddenly knocked him out of his dream, and there stood before him a little girl who looked familiar...