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Official Selection

ROACH / Cucaracha

Argentina 2020
Duration: 13:20
Directed by: Agustín Touriño
Screenplay: Matías Deon, Agustín Touriño, Exequiel Ayala Lucarelli
Animation: Agustín Touriño, Daniel Marín
Technique: 2d, stop motion
Music: Ana Gabriela Yaya Aguilar, Mariela Díaz
Production/School: UNC – Facultad de Artes
Dialogue language: Spanish
Subtitles language: english

Gregorio has a monotonous life, going back and forth from the factory he works at to his apartment, where he lives on his own. One day he finds a cockroach in his cupboard and instead of killing it, he decides to adopt it. This will change Gregorio's life completely.