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Official Selection

YIKÁSDÁHÍ - AWAITS THE DAWN / Yikásdáhí - Espera el Amanecer

Argentina 2019
Duration: 07:35
Directed by: Gabriela Clar
Screenplay: Gabriela clar
Animation: Gabriela Clar
Technique: Cut Out
Music: Music under creative commons license
Production/School: Gabriela Clar / Instituto de Artes Cinematográficas de Avellaneda
Dialogue language: no dialogue
Subtitles language: no subs

When the time comes to create the sky chart, the Black God takes his blueprints and a sack filled with stars to set about creating the constellations. But things get complicated when his actions catch the eye of Coyote, a troublemaker who thinks any excuse is good enough to make some mischief. Based on a Navajo legend.