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Programme 10

Saturday 15/07/2023 20:00 - 22:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2023 Official Screening
Sunday 16/07/2023 08:00 - 10:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2023 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:52:34

  1. Regeneration: the Hexi Corridor 02:02
  2. China 2022
    Directed by: Kechen Chen
    Screenplay: Kechen Chen
    Production/School: Kechen Chen

    The Hexi Corridor, a narrow passage on the map of China, is an important part of world history and a living textbook for learning Chinese history. However, its development has been greatly affected by the harsh environment caused by nature and human beings. In this work, I present the historical process of the Hexi environment. I call attention to the conservation of the Hexi Corridor's ecology and realize that the land they live on is highly socially and culturally relevant, and that its combination determines our future.

  3. Cheeky 01:54
  4. United States of America 2023
    Directed by: Jack Yuster
    Screenplay: Jack Yuster
    Animation: Jack Yuster
    Technique: CGI
    Music: AudioBrew
    Production/School: Ringling College of Art and Design
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: NA

    After meeting through a game of locker room towel tag, two funky clay dudes discover the musicality of their butt cheeks. Inspired, they are transported into a 1980s music video fantasy.

  5. Poncho & Titi 03:01
  6. Costa Rica 2021
    Directed by: Jenny Liang
    Screenplay: Jenny Liang
    Animation: Rebeca Liao Feng
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Daniela Arce & Alfredo Ramírez
    Production/School: Carlos Smith
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: none

    the story is about Poncho and Titi. They are two cat brothers, with different personalities. On a day of fishing, Poncho manages to catch many fish, however, Titi does not manage to catch anything. With jealousy, Titi decides to use a secret weapon to catch fish, however this will lead him to catch something much bigger.

  7. The Little Dolly / ตุ๊กตาน้อยผจญภัย 02:01
  8. Thailand 2023
    Directed by: Kamonchanok Klinrarouy
    Dialogue language: English

    Once upon a time, there was a lonely witch who lived in a deserted area of a small town. She loved sewing and embroidery and created a magical doll that came to life like a little girl. The doll was playful, cheerful, and lively, but sometimes stubborn. One day, a deadly epidemic broke out, killing many people and leaving others sick. Unfortunately, the doll could do nothing to help. Even the witch, whom she loved dearly, couldn't escape the fate of the disease. Until one day, the little girl stumbled upon an old manuscript that contained a remedy for the disease - a rare ingredient that could cure anything. Thus, the story of the little girl's journey began, as she set out on a perilous adventure to find the missing ingredient and save the town from the epidemic.

  9. Get Ready With Prince Yaza | VUGUE 02:46
  10. Myanmar 2023
    Directed by: Thet Chal
    Screenplay: Thet Chal
    Animation: Thet Chal
    Technique: 3D Animation
    Music: Alex Fortunato
    Production/School: California Institute of the Arts
    Dialogue language: Burmese
    Subtitles language: English

    Get ready with Prince Yaza for his brother's coronation!

  11. Bug 08:23
  12. Brazil 2022
    Directed by: Studio 003
    Screenplay: Studio 003
    Animation: Studio 003
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Studio 003
    Production/School: Anhembi Morumbi
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: No subtitles

    In a desolate dystopian world where humanity has long been extinct, a robot scavenges for parts to rebuild a companion while tending to a treasured oasis - a radiant greenhouse that stands as a fragile testament to the beauty that once graced the Earth. On his journey, he encounters a beetle, forming a valuable friendship. Together, they embark on a journey filled with discovery, bringing hope and connection in the midst of desolation.

  13. Novi Varoš Grand Prix 02:08
  14. Croatia 2023
    Directed by: Marko Bošnjak, Edi Conjar, Leon Kastmiler, Marko Vidović
    Screenplay: Marko Bošnjak, Edi Conjar, Leon Kastmiler, Marko Vidović
    Animation: Marko Bošnjak, Edi Conjar, Leon Kastmiler, Marko Vidović
    Technique: Stop-motion
    Music: Ramin Djawadi, Goran Žižak, Guerrilla Urbana
    Production/School: Marko Bošnjak, Edi Conjar, Leon Kastmiler, Marko
    Dialogue language: Englsih
    Subtitles language: Croatian, English, Serbian, Italian

    A short animated movie following a race. It includes intense crashes and unpredictable outcome.

  15. A Blue Giant / 파란 거인 06:45
  16. Korea 2021
    Directed by: Gyeongmu Noh
    Screenplay: Gyeongmu NOH
    Animation: Jiwon KIM
    Technique: Gyeongmu NOH
    Music: Gwangsub YANG
    Production/School: Jeongwon KANG
    Dialogue language: Non verbal
    Subtitles language: Non verbal

    There was one human who couldn’t drink nor put on any clothes because of the huge body. Having had enough, he breaks out of the house. He gets seduces by a shining light he has never seen, and starts a journey towards the light. Whenever he meets obstacles, he becomes smaller and smaller until he could even ride a leaf. Finally, he meets the light and becomes bigger again. He goes back to his house and finds himself fit for the house.

  17. Triangle 05:37
  18. China 2023
    Directed by: Maia Jin
    Screenplay: Maia Jin
    Animation: Maia Jin
    Technique: 2d frame by frame digital animation
    Music: Sarah Lawrence Experimental Music Group
    Production/School: Sarah Lawrence College
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    Triangle is a story where a man, "A", tries to commit suicide and fails again and again. In his search for the ultimate solution, he slowly finds a way to live with his gradually crumbling mental state.

  19. That Doesn't Fit 03:10
  20. India 2023
    Directed by: Ackshaj Anand
    Screenplay: N/A
    Animation: Ackshaj Anand
    Technique: 2D Frame by Frame
    Music: Emily Beth
    Production/School: Unitedworld Institute of Design
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: N/A

    "That Doesnʼt Fit" is a slapstick animated miscellany depicting various scenarios where people fit in too much, rife with satire and social commentary. It features a smorgasbord of characters in uncomfortable settings where they fit in too much.

  21. Numbers 2 09:56
  22. Russia 2023
    Directed by: Nikita Meshcheryakov, Fedor Yudin, Aleksandra Kononova, Lyudmila Sibirceva, Dar’ya Shishova, Ekaterina Vdovina, Aleksandra Deeva, Alexandra Pavlova, Dmitrij Morozov, Ekaterina Vatel
    Screenplay: Nikita Meshcheryakov, Fedor Yudin, Aleksandra Kononova, Lyudmila Sibirceva, Dar’ya Shishova, Ekaterina Vdovina, Aleksandra Deeva, Alexandra Pavlova, Dmitrij Morozov, Ekaterina Vatel
    Animation: Nikita Meshcheryakov, Fedor Yudin, Aleksandra Kononova, Lyudmila Sibirceva, Dar’ya Shishova, Ekaterina Vdovina, Aleksandra Deeva, Alexandra Pavlova, Dmitrij Morozov, Ekaterina Vatel
    Technique: Mixed
    Music: Nikita Meshcheryakov, Extemporization 2, Tatyana Tulyankina
    Production/School: Nikolay Makovsky
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: None

    This is a jam with 10 directors. Each one got 10 different numbers to incarnate them in animation.

  23. Oh, Whose Is The Rye 06:12
  24. Russia 2022
    Directed by: Anna Shveigolz
    Screenplay: Anna Shveigolz
    Animation: Vasiliy Efremov
    Technique: Manual cutout
    Music: Alexander Chirkov, Anastasiya Mukhametzyanova
    Production/School: Nikolay Makovsky
    Dialogue language: No dialogue
    Subtitles language: None

    The events of the film take place two hundred years ago, when flowers were taller than houses and witches turned their daughters-in-law into poplars. The Cossack has gone to war not knowing that, when he returns, nothing will be the same.

  25. Tia- Buo ( Don't understand) / 聽ㄊ丨ㄥ嘸ㄇˊ ㄡ 04:44
  26. Canada 2023
    Directed by: Weiwei Wu
    Screenplay: Weiwei Wu
    Animation: Weiwei Wu
    Technique: Experimental stop motion animation
    Music: Benjamin Sigerson
    Production/School: Emily Carr University of Arts + Design
    Dialogue language: English, Mandarin Chinese
    Subtitles language: English

    An exploration of an immigrant’s childhood memories through a creature’s interaction with its house.

  27. Reflection / Tükörkép 03:24
  28. Hungary 2021
    Directed by: Kevin Králl
    Screenplay: -
    Animation: Kevin Králl
    Technique: Paper Cut-Out
    Music: Kevin MacLeod
    Production/School: Petra Vasas, Budapest Metropolitan University
    Dialogue language: English, Hungarian
    Subtitles language: English

    By dawn on the 2nd of August 1944, the last of the 3000 remaining Romani prisoners in Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp were executed. In the day of a destruction, we follow an invisible human figure through the snowfall, out of a concentration camp. With the help of a matchstick and matchbox in her hands start searching herself, her past, her culture, and identity among this massacre. The film made using classic paper-cut out and painted animation techniques, on 2nd August 2021, in memory of the lives lost.

  29. Wetsitales : The Legend of Gagamba 05:35
  30. Philippines 2023
    Directed by: Jade Dandan Evangelista
    Screenplay: Nina Dandan Evangelista
    Animation: Jade Dandan Evangelista
    Technique: Digital 2D
    Music: n/a
    Production/School: Victory Christian International School
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    A talented artisan, Gamba, takes her craft seriously to the point that everything else is set aside. Family, homelife, nutrition and rest are taken for granted and the people around her complains. When Gamba broke the heart of her loving mother,the consequence changed her life. A story from Bikol in the Philippines.

  31. Icarus Project 05:06
  32. Belgium 2022
    Directed by: Lauren Luc Lena Rolly
    Screenplay: Lauren Rolly
    Animation: Lauren Rolly
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Hark
    Production/School: KASK
    Dialogue language: /
    Subtitles language: /

    Scientists walk around in protective suits. They are captivated by different species of birds that roam freely on the research grounds.

  33. Base Money / Monnaie centrale 25:00
  34. France 2022
    Directed by: Marin Martinie
    Screenplay: Marin Martinie
    Animation: Marin Martinie, Benjamin Lemoine
    Technique: Hand drawn 2D animation, Digital 2D animation, CGI animation
    Music: Tristan Soreau
    Production/School: Le Fresnoy
    Dialogue language: English, French
    Subtitles language: English

    Where does money come from? Who has the power to create currency? Four characters in the core of contemporary capitalism, i.e. a financialized, digitalized and automated system, explain to us how does this strange and frightening world work and eventually reveal the secret of infinite profit…

  35. Fiesta Blood 01:45
  36. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: Elena Fazio
    Screenplay: Elena Fazio
    Animation: Elena Fazio
    Technique: Elena Fazio
    Music: Ben J. Lee
    Production/School: Ringling College of Art & Design
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    Due to the cruelty of children birthday parties, it seems as though there is no hope for this endless cycle of piñata violence. Until one day a hero arises. One piñata will lead the call for a piñata revolution and will take whatever means necessary to save his piñata brethren.

  37. Who Am I? 02:50
  38. Czech Republic 2022
    Directed by: Jakub Brokl
    Screenplay: Jakub Brokl
    Animation: Jakub Brokl
    Technique: 3D Digital, live action
    Music: Calms cosmos free music, Nargo Music - Harmony of the universe, Mala - No prospects
    Production/School: Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Univerzitni 2431, Zlín 76001, Czech Republic, Lukas Gregor,, +420 775 709 890
    Dialogue language: Czech
    Subtitles language: English

    Autoportrait, of searching for identity, takes us through abstract worlds. Technology and nature are connected into one unit with music and the authentical monolog of the director. ... of course, a cup of well-made tea must not be missed!

  39. Daughters of Mamma Sea / دخترای ننه دریا 03:32
  40. Iran 2023
    Directed by: Sahar Ghafurian
    Screenplay: Ahmad Shamlou
    Animation: Sahar Ghafurian
    Technique: Stop Motion
    Music: Hossein Alizadeh
    Production/School: Sahar Ghafurian/ Soore University
    Dialogue language: Persian
    Subtitles language: English

    Ahmad Shamlou, the great Iranian contemporary poet, is telling us the love story of the daughters of Mamma Sea and the Sons of Uncle Desert. It's a unique experience to watch how their world literally turns around to stop these lovers from being together. Especially when all the curses and attempts to separate them comes from Mamma Sea. Girls and boys struggle to reach each other and you watch a new tale of an old story: Will they finally succeed?

  41. Le Jardin de Dolly 02:46
  42. China 2023
    Directed by: Lan Wang
    Screenplay: Lan Wang
    Animation: Lan Wang
    Technique: 2d/3d animation
    Music: Xu Guo, Yutong Sun, Gabriel Faure
    Production/School: California Institute of the Arts
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: No Dialogue/English

    Travelling through a magical garden of memories, Dolly embarks on a journey to explore her parents' past moments.

  43. Mr. Gray / Pan Szary 02:01
  44. Poland 2023
    Directed by: Jan Kossowski.
    Screenplay: Jan Kossowski.
    Animation: Jan Kossowski.
    Technique: Stop-motion.
    Music: Free samples.
    Production/School: Jan Kossowski.
    Dialogue language: English, Polish.
    Subtitles language: English.

    In a world where everyone is defined by skin color a gray child is born.

  45. Lair 01:56
  46. United States 2022
    Directed by: Xintong Wang
    Screenplay: Xintong Wang
    Production/School: Xintong Wang

    Experimental animation.