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The Little Dolly / ตุ๊กตาน้อยผจญภัย

Thailand 2023
Duration: 02:01
Directed by: Kamonchanok Klinrarouy
Dialogue language: English

Once upon a time, there was a lonely witch who lived in a deserted area of a small town. She loved sewing and embroidery and created a magical doll that came to life like a little girl. The doll was playful, cheerful, and lively, but sometimes stubborn. One day, a deadly epidemic broke out, killing many people and leaving others sick. Unfortunately, the doll could do nothing to help. Even the witch, whom she loved dearly, couldn't escape the fate of the disease. Until one day, the little girl stumbled upon an old manuscript that contained a remedy for the disease - a rare ingredient that could cure anything. Thus, the story of the little girl's journey began, as she set out on a perilous adventure to find the missing ingredient and save the town from the epidemic.