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Guard is Dead

India 2023
Duration: 03:40
Directed by: Yash Kumar
Screenplay: Yash Kumar
Animation: Yash Kumar
Technique: 2D and 3D animation
Music: Kinemaster Store
Production/School: Tezpur University
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: Eny

It's a short film about reflection on the collapse of the moral structure in modern times and the challenges it presents for our species. In his book "Discipline and Punish" Michelle Foucault imagined modernity to be a Panopticon (a circular jail with a guard in the middle). The pandemic was the literal manifestation of a Panopticon. But it doesn't seem that it's imposed on us, and a civilization of tool-making organisms could have only reached the state in which we are. Nietzsche was afraid that as good as the scientific revolution was, it would completely replace the idea of a divine and more importantly the morality that can be derived from it. He wrote that "God is dead, and we killed him", he was actually reflecting on the collapse of the moral structure in modern society. So this short film is a culmination of these two major ideas where this god-like guard of the Panopticon had disappeared (or dead) as the Panopticon expands.