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my mother, the sea / η μητέρα μου, η θάλασσα

Estonia 2022
Duration: 06:00
Directed by: Aspasia Kazeli
Screenplay: Aspasia Kazeli
Animation: Aspasia Kazeli
Technique: Analog and digital 2D frame by frame animation
Music: Bruno Quast
Production/School: Estonian Academy of Arts
Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)
Subtitles language: English

“η μητέρα μου, η θάλασσα” (“my mother, the sea”) is a short animated film, which explores and symbolically expresses my grieving process for my mother’s loss, from her passing until today. This three year journey is captured allegorically in this film as a weaving of two parallel paths; the mother’s journey to the afterlife and the parallel grieving states of her child. From the last breath, to the mourning and the only temporal salvation from it. It is an observation of her transition, which her child follows with its personal emotional dissolve.