13 - 23 July 2014

Nir Arieli

I am going to leave aside the anger and deep frustration that are on my mind since the war in Israel had started, I’d like to summarize instead a short and wonderful time I just had in Greece.
I was invited there to teach a workshop and managed to arrange a shoot for a project.

Here are 10 insights I’ve discovered in that time:

1. Hakuna Matata was actually invented by the Greeks. They are the nicest people, and dangerously chill.
2. Feta cheese can be added to any dish and it will be delicious.
3. Dancers are wonderful aliens (I knew that one before. Thanks Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) for the reminder).
4. All greeks have the same ringtone.
5. Albanian people exist outside of the Eurovision. And they are awesome.
6. Buses in Greece don’t run everyday. In fact, they run when they feel like it.
7. I can teach, but there is much room for improvement.
8. An Egyptian photographer who lives in the Netherlands, an Israeli photographer who lives in NYC and a greek actor makes a good team.
9. Traveling 14 hours on cross-country busses and repeating it two days later feels like two brief subway rides if there is a good shoot, some beach time and a dance performance in between.
10. Some people believe it’s legit to call you “professor” even though they just gained their masters in art and you don’t even have one.

Ready for the next adventure. Thank you all for the experience.