The 10th ANIMART – experiential art school and forum on contemporary creativity will take place at Delphi,  under the Auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports, between the 16th and the 24th of July, 2016. Universities from Greece and other countries will participate, promoting cultural exchanges, innovative creativity and inter-disciplinary dialogue. Delphic mythology as well as today’s reality will be approached by the participants through workshops, lectures, screenings, exhibitions, competitions and seminars.



APOLLO UNLIMITED : alternative, experimental stage


• music • new media • performance arts • audiovisual installations • interactive music electronics 



ANIMART addresses the educational community: nursery, primary and secondary school teachers, university students, young artists as well as art lovers who wish to enrich their knowledge of the arts transforming it, with the help of new technologies, into a work tool.

The upcoming event at Delphi also addresses the Hellenes of Diaspora and foreign young scientists and artists, aspiring at strengthening their relations with this archaeological site which constitutes an important part of world heritage.

The underlying philosophy of the whole process is the active participation in the lessons, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, artistic happenings, outdoor activities and tours, as it is believed that the opportunity of acquiring knowledge through active participation is priceless.

Academics, scientists, established professionals and young artists will offer and share their knowledge, talent, skills and experience, building up interactive relationships.

The different art forms the participants will be involved in are: Animation, cinema, video, photography, painting and sculpture, theater, music, literature and dance.

The Internet widens and facilitates the participation of individuals, groups, academic bodies and institutions from all around the world since it can internationalize any event and at the same time contribute to the development of a continuous, worldwide communication, and an exchange of works and ideas among the participants.

The artists are asked to be inspired by the timeless legacy of Delphi on the fields of ideas, art and culture, and create contemporary interactive art works.

At the same time, events, activities and educational programmes are prepared to take place in the surrounding area of Delphi, in collaboration with local institutions, scientists and artists.