Hello everyone,


[...] And many thanks also to Vassilis! So much goes into a symposium such as this. I enjoyed the artist walks, presentations, seeing the moon and Saturn (!!!) , concerts and many conversations I participated in. Thanks to everyone for for your openness and warmth. I loved being with you!!


All my best,

Dear all,


[...] I also want to thank in particular everybody who made it to participate till the end, or even not till the end, in the Cicada Platonic Walk I have organized, that has been tedious and difficult in some moments, for their confidence and perseverance despite the heat and sun. [..]


Hoping to meet you soon elsewhere, or there again!


Have a nice rest of summer,


Dear all,


I'd also like to give many thanks to Geert and Vassilis for their hard work in organising what was a wonderful residency with a great range of practices and practitioners. [..]


Hope to see you all again further down the road,


Very best wishes,