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Opening: 18-07-2017 - End: 19-07-2017

18 & 19 July 2017


Eleni Demetriou will be exploring the relation between the landscape and the outdoor artistic interventions. She aims to observe a selection of activities and in particular the artistic walks, as a way of familiarization with the space's historicity. The purpose of this exploration is to understand the way in which the spaces of the various interventions communicate with each other through the activities taking place in them, by studying the content of the activity and the way it relates to space.

By applying the method of participant observation, she will explore the inscription of the artistic interventions in the historical time and space, collecting photographic material and conducting interviews. Depending on the material that she will collect, she will map, by the end of the festival, the relations between the selected interventions. This cartography will take the form of an installation of photographs in various spaces of the festival, creating the opportunity of interaction between the creators and the public. By turning the attention of the participants to potential traces that the artistic interventions left in the space, in a way that they are marking their presence in those spaces, she will call the participants of the festival to re-examine these interventions. A visual and kinetic pathway will be traced in space, materialising the relation of the historical time to the present time of the festival.

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