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Opening: 20-07-2017

There are different ways of knowing things, for instance, through empirical methods as in science where factual knowledge can be verified. We know other things through pure reason where inferences can be based on cause and effect. A third way of knowing is intuition where knowledge is gained through introspection and attentive awareness.

The word intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri translated as "consider" or from the late middle English word intuit, "to contemplate". Plato in his discussion with Meno and Phaedo, describes intuition as a pre-existing knowledge residing in the "soul of eternity," and a phenomenon by which one becomes conscious of pre-existing knowledge. (Wikipedia).


This workshop is inspired by the Pythia and the oracle of Delphi. In ancient Delphi, kings and even ordinary people came to Pythia, the priestess, for guidance and solutions to problems. Many scientific explanations, such as fumes and vapours are given for Pythia’s oracular powers. However, one wonders whether an explanation might be a different way of knowing, an enhanced intuition.This workshop suggests that one might be his own ‘Pythia’ (source of knowledge) by the simple acts of noticing, feeling, recording and extrapolating information towards meaningful dialogues. It will work with narratives arriving out of an interaction with the environment, either in a way of attentive noticing or a creative engagement. We will work towards accessing ‘pre-existing knowledge residing in our inner self.’


We begin the workshop with a ‘centering’ of the self. We ask questions. Then we make a quiet walk. Walking in nature has a calming effect that help access our intuitions. Writers and artists have long used this method- a quiet walk- for accessing pools of knowledge that are difficult to obtain in the routine of everyday living.


We walk in a state of attentive ‘noticing’. We pay attention to the curve of a branch, the shape of a leaf, the colour of green as it moves towards yellow in the light or blue in the shade.


Later we use writing for describing, attending to and gaining insight and information. We discuss and give feedback on our experience, feelings and insights.  


The workshop will be about one and a half hours. Please bring a small notebook and pencil and a camera or phone for taking photos

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