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Penny FINIRI Actress, Cyprus

Curriculum Vitae:


Penny Finiri was born in Cyprus in July of 1989. She studied acting at the National Theatre of Greece where she graduated with first honour degree in 2010. She returned to Cyprus where she worked professionally as an actress in several plays and Tv Shows. She directed her first theatrical play ’45 minutes fairytales and truths’ in 2014. A year after, she created with her collaborator Andreas Makris, the theatrical team called ‘STAGE 8’, and the first play of the team ‘Fairytale heart’ by Philip Ridley was awarded as the best performance for teenagers for the years 2015-2017 by the Theatrical Organisation of Cyprus.

In 2014 she visited Germany in order to complete a course at LISPA about the Jacques Lecoq technique. Following this, in 2016 she went to New York at the New York Film Academy where she studied ‘Acting for Film’. Furthermore, she participated in several workshops such as a seminar about Shakespeare with Sue Dunderdale and Ivana Chubbuck technique with Christos Vassilopoulos.

Some of her most important works include collaborations with the directors, Sifis Vardakis, Lea Maleni and Magdalena Zira.


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