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Programme 1

Tuesday 20/07/2021 16:00 - 18:00 EEST - Animart Festival
Total Duration: 01:54:55

  1. EGG 01:44
  2. Iran 2020
    Directed by: Mahdi Barqzadegan
    Screenplay: Mahdi Barqzadegan
    Animation: Mahdi Barqzadegan
    Technique: 2d-digital frame by frame
    Production/School: Mahdi Barqzadegan

    We all seem to be being abused today. This is an unfortunate situation. However, some of us find this situation desirable. While this mindset does not make any difference.

  4. United Kingdom 2019
    Directed by: Lauren Hammersley
    Screenplay: n/a
    Animation: Lauren Hammersley, Milo Bonnard, Becky-Lulu Dartnell & Cameron Carr
    Technique: Stop motion
    Music: Horace Dann-Atkin, Milo Bonnard, Jáchym Bouzek, Paulius Valteras, Jonah Cooper & Clayton de Haan.
    Production/School: Milo Bonnard
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: n/a

    Charming tale about father and son, gently touching upon 'great minds think alike' idiom, presented as a comedy in a stop motion format.

  5. MASTER OF NONE 02:20
  6. Belgium 2020
    Directed by: Daniel Scott
    Screenplay: Daniel Scott
    Animation: Daniel Scott
    Technique: Mixed
    Music: Daniel Scott
    Production/School: KASK - Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    MASTER OF NONE is an ode to liminality, a manifesto of futility, told through fragmentary explorations of the vulnerability and incompleteness of the human experience. Or at least that’s the kind of crap I would say if were trying to persuade you it’s not just a bunch of failed and unfinished projects, haphazardly thrown together to a video and exhibition.

  7. AUTUMN, SPRING AND SUMMER / 秋春夏 00:56
  8. China 2019
    Directed by: Hong Ning
    Production/School: Hong Ning
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Hong Ning collects photos from different periods and takes selfies with them, creating a contrast between styles in diverse times within the same image. The preservation of daily photos has transformed from traditional films and photo stickers to saving photos on mobile devices in the contemporary era. Aesthetically, the ways to take casual photographs are varied with changes of the methods photos are kept. In the past, we relied on photos to record the actual attributes of things, and during the rise of photo stickers, the collocations of two-dimensional decorative patterns in single-frame images were stressed. Nowadays, using apps like Snapchat and Tiktok to change the image of the person being photographed in the lens has become extremely popular. Taking pictures are not only for recording, but also has undergone greater changes aesthetically with the alteration in photo-retention methods. Through this work, Hong Ning attempts to explore the expressions of the same self at different time stages on personal and trendy aesthetic tastes, and further questions about the development of self-image in future casual photographs.

  9. WINNER 04:00
  10. Slovakia 2021
    Directed by: Samuel Chovan
    Technique: 2D/3D Mix
    Music: Sam Oz and Medley
    Production/School: Samuel Chovan
    Dialogue language: English

    Art attack made with love

  11. THE LEGEND OF THE SUN AND THE STORM / A Lenda Do Sol E Da Tempestade 12:42
  12. Brazil 2020
    Directed by: Hugo Tortul Ferriolli, Victor Laildher do Amaral
    Screenplay: Victor Laildher do Amaral, Igor Becattini
    Animation: Victor Laildher Do Amaral, Nicolas Braga, Gustavo Freddi
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Ramon Satya, Alberto Reis, Snow Flakes
    Production/School: Hugo Tortul Ferriolli, Igor Becattini
    Dialogue language: Portuguese
    Subtitles language: English, Spanish

    The arrival of Susanoo, God of Storm, and his destructive behaviour brings chaos to his sister Amatersu, Sun Goddess, and to her subjects. Susanoo's actions hurt Amaterasu deeply, and her subjects need to deal with the consequences.

  14. Australia 2020
    Directed by: Radheya Jegatheva
    Screenplay: Radheya Jegatheva
    Animation: Radheya Jegatheva
    Technique: Hand drawn animation
    Music: Radheya Jegatheva & Steeve Body
    Production/School: Matt Hearn, Jay Jay Jegathesan
    Dialogue language: English

    BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A child's encounter with classic masterpieces triggers a confronting epiphany LONG DESCRIPTION: When we look at great art, do we realise it is looking back? With eyes that see more clearly than we do? In a mysterious gallery imbued with strange life, shadows of the past and unresolved futures collide when a child's vision peels away the layers of what we call 'reality'...join a journey through the masterpieces you thought you knew as their hidden souls are finally given a voice. As layers of contemporary 'reality' are stripped away, art's unseen soul brings a challenge we can neither ignore nor escape. Or can we? Will their message be heard in time? The door is open. The masters' works await us. Who will enter ?

  15. THE QUIET 10:00
  16. Australia 2019
    Directed by: Radheya Jegatheva
    Screenplay: Radheya Jegatheva
    Animation: Radheya Jegatheva
    Technique: Hand drawn animation
    Music: Radheya Jegatheva
    Production/School: Jay Jay Jegathesan, Radheya Jegatheva
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: spanish, english, german, italian, french avail in srt

    When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation. The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?

  18. Uzbekistan 2019
    Directed by: "DRF Children Animation Studio"
    Dialogue language: English

    When a person falls asleep, he immersed in another reality ,where anything can happen to him. He can fly above the ground in red slippers. Or he can be eaten by a green bear. Or he can see the blue house falling. And when a person wakes up, he can probably remember nothing. As if he did not exist all this time ... What do you feel when you are asleep?

  19. WOT IF 03:00
  20. India 2020
    Directed by: Monami Roy
    Production/School: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
    Dialogue language: English

    The poem revolves around the narrative of 11yr old Noori, who suffers from Anxiety. She feels uninvolved in her daily life and a cause for the things happening around her. Everytime she feels turmoil around her, she senses the eerie wot ifs coming from no where and triggering thoughts in her mind. She falls into a lapse of recurring questions pertaining to her reality everyday. However, at the peak of her thoughts, she reverses the belief of the Wot ifs to a different spin and we see her standing up for herself to face the same challenges of her everyday life.

  21. MEGHA 10:47
  22. India 2020
    Directed by: Rishi Bhaumik
    Dialogue language: Bengali

    Growing up in a small town in Bengal, little Megha carries a secret that no one's prepared to hear - a horrifying secret that slowly distorts her sense of reality. A scar that lives on her mind forever.

  24. Taiwan 2020
    Directed by: Yu-An Jao
    Music: Chia-Ying Tsai
    Production/School: Taipei National University of the Arts
    Dialogue language: Chinese
    Subtitles language: Chinese / English

    Her bright world became dark after losing sight. One day, She met him, the person she had loved when she still could see… During the short conversation, she could feel the temperature, smell, vision, and state of mind, in this extravagantly ordinary night.

  25. DAD'S HIBISCUS 04:45
  26. USA 2021
    Directed by: Jiamu Tao
    Dialogue language: English

    10-year-old Sammie tries to make the sun stay in the sky in order to save his hibiscus that only lives for one day.

  27. THE NIGHTS 04:30
  28. Singapore 2021
    Directed by: Yap Jing Wen
    Production/School: Yap Jing Wen
    Dialogue language: English

    A film about the progress of time, Night in Singapore celebrates the beauty of the night, featuring noises recorded from real life. The film opens with the dazzling lights of the city, followed by the stillness of sleep with the chirping of cicadas and ending with the rousing of the city's inhabitants as they rise to a new morning.

  29. WHITE, BLACK AND TRUE LOVE / Bela, črna in prava ljubezen 05:07
  30. Slovenia 2021
    Directed by: Anja Paternoster
    Production/School: Boštjan Potokar
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Not every love story is the same. Some are tragic others stunning. But there is always hope even when the movie ends.

  31. FIVE HOUR CONVERSATION / Pogovor brez konca 04:45
  32. Slovenia 2020
    Directed by: Katarina Blazic
    Production/School: Boštjan Potokar
    Dialogue language: English

    5 Hour Conversation explores a blind person's view of the world from their own perspective. The short was made based on an interview with Tommy Edison (blind since birth). How do blind people make new friends? How do they live their day to day life? What characteristics do they sense in other people? What can we learn from people like Tommy Edison? Turns out, a lot. The film is prepared appropriate for blind or visually impaired persons (colours, shapes, lines).

  33. ELSIE 04:13
  34. Slovenia 2020
    Directed by: Larisa Nagode
    Production/School: Bostjan Potokar

    Tonight in the mansion, the children are home alone. They fearfully listen to the eldest sister’s awful tale: »In the night of a shining full moon, all children should be sound asleep in their beds, for when the clock strikes midnight the time stands still. A sleepless child that does not stand still with the time, shall be eaten by their shadow…ALIVE!« Poor little Elsie can’t fall asleep for her sister’s words are almost making her weep…

  35. FIREWORKS 02:14
  36. Canada 2021
    Directed by: Nicolas Leclerc
    Screenplay: Nicolas Leclerc
    Animation: Nicolas Leclerc
    Technique: Nicolas Leclerc
    Music: Original Score by Nami Sabet
    Production/School: Dawson College
    Dialogue language: None
    Subtitles language: None

    Two best friends go out to see fireworks in the evening.

  37. PRIVATE TIME 04:06
  38. USA 2020
    Directed by: Eli Ayres
    Dialogue language: English

    Better hope mom doesn't catch him in the act.

  39. BUBE MAISES / בובה מייסס 06:00
  40. Israel
    Directed by: Or Levy
    Production/School: Or Levy
    Dialogue language: Hebrew

    Yaffa is a 80 years old woman who live in a nursing home and has dementia. the dementia causes her to live her childhood again. At that time, her dad who was a business man was traveling the world and sending her postcards from every country he visited, and she imagined her with him in his adventures. at the end we find out that her daughter, Miri, is forging Yaffa this postcards today to keep her mother happy.

  41. A LITTLE MORE BLUE 03:48
  42. India 2019
    Directed by: Sugandha Bansal
    Production/School: Sugandha Bansal
    Dialogue language: English

    A Little More Blue is the story of a girl, trapped inside the body of a boy. Since childhood she knew she was a girl and that someday she will have to break off her shackles and tell the truth to everyone. But until that day; she struggled between having the body of a boy and soul of a girl. The film is based on a true story.

  43. HIT AND RUN 04:18
  44. United Kingdom 2020
    Directed by: Hannah Brewerton
    Screenplay: Hannah Brewerton
    Animation: Hannah Brewerton, Kathrin Steinbacher, Yiqiao Lan, Wenzhe Xu
    Technique: 2D digital, mixed media
    Music: Rebecca Nisco, Alistair Hobson
    Production/School: Royal College of Art
    Dialogue language: No dialogue
    Subtitles language: n/a

    Things get surreal when the Brits play baseball. A satirical film about modern British politics and tactics of distraction.

  45. PERSEPHONE - THE TALE OF WINTER / Perszephóné - a tél meséje 02:23
  46. Hungary 2020
    Directed by: Rebeka Köves
    Production/School: Rebeka Köves
    Dialogue language: Hungarian

    My animation tells a story about a young girl. She live together her mom. The name is Persephone. This carakter is included the greek mithology. The girl leav his safty place, and started a very excitement adventure. She is kidnapped by the lord of hell, but this is not a failure but an opportunity.henceforth Persephone is the mistress of the underworld.

  47. BARKING ORDERS 02:15
  48. USA 2021
    Directed by: Alex Tullo
    Production/School: Ringling College of Art + Design
    Dialogue language: English

    When the entire British Royal family tragically dies, the Queen’s corgi finds himself next in line for the throne and in the seat of power.

  49. TWIGS 04:43
  50. Israel 2019
    Directed by: Hadas Alamgor
    Production/School: Hadas almagor

    A Journey of a mushroom, in a world where humans are plants, trying to restore the sexual sparkle to her intimacy while her cactus husband rejects her for masturbating with porn. The story takes an unexpected turn, when his penis cut off as a result of over scrapping. Together, the couple finds the path to return the flame to their relationships.