13 - 23 July 2014
ANDREADI Ioli - Ph.D., Performance Studies, Director


Ioli ANDREADI was born in Athens, Greece.

She is a freelance theatre director and she writes plays.

She specialises in devising, adaptations of ancient drama and new writing.

She has worked on the dialogue between ancient drama and musical theatre as a Fulbright grantee.

She worked as the Artistic Director of One-Way Eutopia from 2007 to 2011.

She is a founding member of the World Wide Lab ( http://worldwidelab.wordpress.com/about/ Νέο παράθυρο )



2013, Ph.D. in English, King's College London, UK

2008, Specialised in Directing MA T&P RADA and King's College London, UK

2007, MA in Cultural Politics and Management, Panteion University, Athens, Greece

2005, BA in Theatre Studies University of Athens, Greece

2003, 3-year Acting Diploma Greek Art Theatre, Athens, Greece



- Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center, workshop leader, Devised Theatre; Ancient Drama, Athens, 2014

- Booze cooperativa, Centre of Drama and Spectacle of Panteion University, two workshops, ritual; devised theatre (co-led with with F. Kanakaris)

- EU Youth in Action, UK group leader, two-week workshop: Theatre and the EU crisis, Sifnos, 2013

- King's College London, Performance Research Group, MA Theatre and Performance Studies, workshop on site-specificity as a Guest Lecturer, London, 2011

- University of Greenwich, BA Hons Drama, workshop on staging new writing as a Guest Lecturer, London, 2011

- Brooklyn College, CUNY, Department of Theater, workshop on Devised Theatre and Ancient Drama, New York, 2010

- Colt Coeur, workshops on the Greek Chorus to Equity actors, co-led with Jay Stern, New York, 2010

- City Center Studios, New York Musical Theatre Festival, Masterclass on the dialogue between Ancient Tragedy and Musical Theatre, co-led with composer Erato A. Kremmyda, New York, 2010




- 3rd State Award for New Playwright, 'In Town', Greece, 2005.

- Trained actress, worked from 2003-2009.

- Co-author of "When the heartbeats change", with actress Katia Gerou, ed. Kaleidoskopio, 2010.

- Translator of "A brief history of death" by Douglas Davies, ed. Polytropon, 2005.

- She has written theatre reviews and articles for websites, presented papers (Performance Studies International Conference, Utrecht 2011; Aberystwyth University, 2013)




- Stavros Niarchos Foundation grantee, World Wide Lab 2013

- Member of the Greek Fulbright Selection Committee 2011/12

- Fulbright for Artists 2010/11

- Stavros Niarchos Foundation grantee, Lincoln Center Theater Director's Lab in 2009 and 2010

- Member of the Art Theatre Karolos Koun Repertory Committee 2010/11

- Alexander S. Onassis Foundation grantee 2009-13

- Member of the Lincoln Center Theater Director's Lab

- 3rd Greek State Award for New Playwright 2005




- Profile on my 2010 Fulbright grant, The National Herald

( http://oceanconservationscience.org/media/downloads/TNH%20May%207-13,%202011%20Fulbright.pdf Νέο παράθυρο )

- Showreel-in-progress; contains excerpts from The Sleep Illness, Epidemic, two works-in-progress and a workshop

( http://vimeo.com/24002200 Νέο παράθυρο )

- Review on 'The Return of The Exile', British Theatre Guide

( http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/returnexile-rev.htm Νέο παράθυρο )

- Review on 'Epidemic'

( http://www.fortunespawn.com/2009/05/14/ Νέο παράθυρο )




2014 Director, Theatre, Not every asshole can, by Kimon Rigopoulos, Semeion Theatre, Athens, Greece

2014 Director, Theatre, King Lear, William Shakespeare, Teatro Due, Rome, Italy

2014 Director as part of the group We Work for the Lady, Theatre, Winchester's widow (scratch), by Eirini Sourgiadaki, concept Dimitra Liakoura, Bob Theatre Festival, Bios, Athens, Greece

2014 Director, Theatre, The blind pig of Paulo Koehlo, by George Angelopoulos, 24 Hour Plays Athens, lykofos.gr, Theatro Kappa, Athens, Greece

2013 Director, Theatre, The Interrogation by Yasmine Van Wilt, staged reading act up, Sifnos Cultural Center, Greece

2013 Director, with Jay Stern Theatre, Agamemnon, adaptation by Meg S. Lawless, World Wide Lab, Irondale Center, NY, USA

2013 Director/Playwright, Theatre Kassia, Television Control Centre (KET), Athens, Greece

2012 Director, with Jay Stern, Theatre, The Oresteia project, adaptation by Meg S. Lawless, World Wide Lab: A Director's Feast In residence at the Irondale, NY, USA

2012 Director, Theatre, Erase the Day We Met by Pauline Peyrade, staged reading, English Theatre Berlin, Lab for Playwrights, English Theatre Berlin Studio, Berlin, Germany

2011 Director, with Jay Stern, Theatre, The Oresteia project World Wide Lab: A Director's Festival in residence at The Watermill Center, NY, USA

2011 Director/Deviser, Theatre, The return of the exile, One Way-Eutopia, The Yard Theatre, London, UK

2010 Director, with Gabriella Willenz, Theatre, Game/Show, work in progress, One Way-Eutopia, Greystone Hotel, NY, USA

2010 Director, with Jay Stern, Theatre, work-in-progress on the Greek Chorus, Colt Coeur, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2010 Workshop Leader, Director, Theatre, Choral Odes Master Class - adaptation of The Bacchae NYMF City Center Studios, NY, USA

2010 Director/Deviser, Theatre, Me a woman of many sins, work-in-progress, Lincoln Center Theater, Director's Lab, NY, USA

2010 Director/Deviser, Theatre, The return of the exile; they did not expect him, One Way-Eutopia RADA, London, UK; Athinais, Athens, Greece; Lincoln Center Theatre, NY, USA

2009 Director, with Tzu-chun Chou, Theatre, Les Amants Heureux N'Ont Pas D' Histoire, One Way-Eutopia, Southwark Playhouse (Secrets), London, UK

2008-2009 Director/Deviser, Theatre, Epidemic, One Way-Eutopia, RADA London; Forest Fringe Edinbourgh; Southwark Playhouse (Secrets), London, UK

2009 Director, Theatre, Valuing Yourself at 25 Euros Per Day by Deborah Pearson, The Miniaturists, Arcola Theatre, London, UK

2008 Director/Playwright, Theatre, Best Friends Forever, adaptation by Deborah Pearson, One Way-Eutopia, Old Red Lion Theatre, London, UK

2008 Co-Director, Theatre III ancient and II modern tragedies devised, No More Masterpieces, Forest Fringe Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

2007-2008 Assistant Director, Theatre, Man Equals Man, RADA, London, UK

2006-2007 Assistant Director, Theatre, The Meek One, The new STAGE, Athens, Greece

2007 Director/Playwright, Theatre, In Town One Way-Eutopia, Semeion Theatre, Athens, Greece

2006 Director/Playwright, Theatre, The Wilde Rose, The Sleepers, Thyra Technis, Athens, Greece

2003-2004 Director/Playwright, Theatre, The Sleep Illness, The Sleepers, Semeion Theatre, Studio Ledra, Athens, Greece


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