Updated: 04-05-2016 21:35
Opening: 18-07-2016 19:00

Date: July 18, 2016

Venue: Delphi

Hour: 19:00

Free admission



WALKING WITH CHAIRS: Walking as a way of dancing


by Ienke Kastelein


Group invitation to a walk with chairs.

For me walking is a way to explore the world and oneself in it.

It is a way to create.

Walking is about going somewhere, in a certain way and with a certain purpose.

An inspiring way to walk is to wander. It is a way of thinking.

A way of connecting to a place, to forget about time.

You go somewhere, anywhere, floating on water like a leave that has fallen of a tree. At that point you open yourself up to a variety of sensatory impressions.

Even more so when you walk together in a group, co-creating, focused on the movement. Very very slow, in circles or in lines, creating patterns.

I am interested in appropriation by the act of walking and sitting as a way to relate to a specific place, to the past and the present.

I consider walking to be a performance without an audience: there is no distinction between performers and the audience. They are one and the same.

The walking performance can be seen, but the aim is to practice and not to be looked at.

Delphi as the perfect place to develope a choreographed walk, rooted in its history and mythology.

This is a project to co-create a walking performance or choreographed walk in a group.

There will be an element of ceremony or ritual, combining walking and sitting, taking some white plastic chairs to walk on.

We will explore walking as a way of dancing.




Ienke Kastelein is a photographer, an interdisciplinary and walking artist, born in Assen, The Netherlands, 1956.


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