- Geert Vermeire (Belgium)

Curator, artist and writer, working and living between Greece, Portugal and Belgium, with as main field an artistic practice focused on the performative, mixed reality and social practices, with the body in public space, community involvement and ethical involvement of cultural action as key elements. His writing activity meets with immersive formats of arts and extends to an interdisciplinary and artistic research involving walking, stimulating creative collaborations among others between choreographers, sound artists, new media artists, architects and writers.


- Stefaan van Biesen (Belgium)

Visual artist, multimedia artist, sound artist and writer. His oeuvre is focused on the research of walking as an instrument of knowledge and of artistic creation. An artistic trajectory of more then 20 years consists out of walks, drawings, projects, installations, videos, performances, texts and soundscapes, developed as an interactive process, a stream of ideas, images, sounds and visions in which collaborations with other artists, experts from various disciplines and community based artistic processes are important components.


- Dr. Simona Vermeire (Portugal)

PhD in Comparative Literature. University of Minho Portugal. MA in Image Studies. University of Bucharest. Researcher with fields of interest the connection between literature, arts and science, relating to Spaziergangwissenschaft - promenadology and the concept of consilience (Edward O. Wilson, The unification of science and humanities).




Workshops in collaboration with:


- Dr. Sinan Bokesoy (Turkey)

He is a composer, entrepreneur and developer of professional audio applications. He holds a PhD on computer music research from University of ParisVIII and Bs.C. in electronics engineering from ITU / Istanbul. He is the founder of SonicPlanet™ sonic augmented reality solutions on mobile platforms and also the founder of sonicLAB™ sonic synthesis plugin software for advanced sound design.





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