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Official Selection


India 2021
Duration: 02:34
Directed by: Surabhi Warick, Sreesha Upadhyaya
ANIMATION: mixed media
Technique: stop motion, live action, 2D animation, sand animation, claymation
MUSIC: Jacob Theato
Production/School: Sreesha Upadhyaya , Surabhi Warick
Dialogue language: no dialogues
Subtitles language: no dialogues

The sensation of sheer exhilaration that comes with the first puff, excites you, makes you believe that the world that you previously condemned in your state of rationality is truly a wonderful place to be. But how long until this elation plummets into a void you’re unable to pull yourself out of ? Think of it as being on a roller-coaster. As it ascends you are filled with a sense of excitement, your heart beats inside your ribcage with an intensity unknown, eyes widening in anticipation, and you feel like you’re on the top of the world. But what if this rollercoaster took a plunge into a valley of emotions that you wanted to suppress. The bliss that surrounded you earlier turns into misery and you’re unwillingly gripped by the cold hand of fear, as panic strikes your heart.