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Experimental 1

Sunday 25/07/2021 18:00 - 19:00 EEST - Animart Festival
Total Duration: 00:51:57

  1. INSIDE THE FACTORY / Dentro de la fabrica 05:22
  2. Argentina 2019
    Directed by: Santiago Vitale
    Production/School: Santiago Vitale

    From the manual to the cold and rigorous movement of industrial machinery. An internal tour of the factory. Made with wefts of electronic circuits printed in adhesive material cut out and glued manually on the support.

  3. FIGHT OR FLIGHT 05:48
  4. Greece 2020
    Directed by: Vanessa Ferle, Anna Gradou, Vicky Michalopoulou
    Screenplay: Vanessa Ferle
    Technique: 360 video, virtual reality, collage
    Production/School: Université Paris 8: Création Numérique & Athens School of Fine Arts
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: Greek

    A female refugee runs for her life, with her only left belonging, a gold rescue blanket. The survival instinct, hope, struggle, and despair. "The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival." has said physiologist Walter B. Cannon since 1932.

  6. USA 2020
    Directed by: Monica Stevenson
    Production/School: Jimmy Calhoun
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    A scrawny stray dog wants to win the first place medal at a local cat show to prove his worth against all odds.

  7. A SILENT SOUND 03:46
  8. Belgium 2021
    Directed by: Mai Calon
    Animation: Maï Calon
    Technique: Stop Motion
    Music: Arzu Saglam
    Dialogue language: -
    Subtitles language: -

    A triangle is left searching his place in the silence. The gaps between words. The tension, doubts, absurdity. It is a dance. A white paper that waits for its meaning. Sounds are striving for absolute tranquility while it dances a fragile choreography. The film is an homage to silence, to the white canvas. The less is shown, the more you'll see. Are you ready?

  9. MY UNREST / Mój niepokój 03:29
  10. Poland 2020
    Directed by: Joanna Szlembarska
    Production/School: Lodz Film School , Polish Film Institute

    A figure in oppressive whiteness strives to make peace whit her corporeality

  11. EAT 00:20
  12. Germany 2020
    Directed by: Hao Yu
    Animation: Hao Yu
    Production/School: Filmuniversitaet Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    A man is eaten, and the one who eats him is himself

  13. DEAR VIRUSES 03:15
  14. China 2021
    Directed by: Wang Junjie
    Production/School: FUYAMA TARUTO
    Dialogue language: Japanese

    This work is a missive to the life form we call viruses in the hope that we can coexist. The relationship between humans and viruses is poetically expressed from a different perspective.

  15. THE DETACHED OBSERVER / L'observatrice Détachée 06:21
  16. United Kingdom 2020
    Directed by: Serena Marija
    Screenplay: SERENA MARIJA
    Animation: INES HACHOU
    Music: AARON KING
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: ENGLISH

    L'observatrice Détachée (The Detached Observer) is a visual journey created to challenge the senses of the titular observer (and us), forcing her to question her perceptions of the past, present and future as well as the enforcement of societal expectations, ideologies, and systematic imprisonment. A personal story of exploration, “The Detached Observer” will lead us to discover how the inner world can be manipulated and forever changed by the exterior conflicts, whilst questioning whether it is possible to rise above all broken entries.

  17. THE WORLD TOUR (2) 03:25
  18. India 2020
    Directed by: Brotin Chakraborty
    Animation: Brotin Chakraborty
    Technique: 3D computer Animation
    Music: Youtube (Creaor studio) music.
    Production/School: Brotin Chakraborty
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Animated Short film about covid-19. Made during first lock-down in India, than latter edited and upload new version.

  19. PREY 02:47
  20. Canada 2021
    Directed by: Joshua Ralph
    Dialogue language: English

    Prey is a visual and poetic exploration of the effects of power lines on the birds of prey within their surrounding ecosystems. Adapted to nest and hunt from the nearest points to the sky, the birds themselves fall prey to the contemporary hunger for electricity. As power lines litter the horizon where forests once sprouted, owls, hawks, and herons are left with no choice but to gamble their lives in order to survive.

  21. TAKE ME WITH YOU 03:22
  22. Russia 2020
    Directed by: Evangelina Sarett
    Animation: animation 2D
    Technique: frame-by-frame
    Music: Wide Awake (The 126ers); Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Cooper Cannell); Metamorphosis (Quincas Moreira); Reception (William Rosati); To Be A Ball Of Light (Late Night Feeler)
    Production/School: Evangelina Sarett

    What should can do if mom didn't allow to have a pet? Alternatively, can sit in a quiet place in nature, and when the offense will pass - return to home. But who knows, what dangers lies in wait if you go far away from home alone...

  23. ANEMONE TEMPLE / Świątynia Ukwiału 04:52
  24. Poland 2020
    Directed by: Justyna Pazdan
    Screenplay: Justyna Pazdan
    Animation: Justyna Pazdan
    Technique: claymation
    Music: Anna Lis
    Production/School: Lodz Film School
    Dialogue language: Polish

    Deep-sea organisms living in such a specific environment have developed unusual forms and properties. By observing them, you have the impression that you are watching an otherworldly, fairy-tale world of dreams. The Anemone Temple is a creative interpretation of the underwater world, in which the author invites you to take part in a relaxing session. The creator has never dived deep. However, she tries to recreate the vision of marine fauna and flora from scraps of imagination and memory.

  25. EUPHORIA 02:34
  26. India 2021
    Directed by: Surabhi Warick, Sreesha Upadhyaya
    Animation: mixed media
    Technique: stop motion, live action, 2D animation, sand animation, claymation
    Music: Jacob Theato
    Production/School: Sreesha Upadhyaya , Surabhi Warick
    Dialogue language: no dialogues
    Subtitles language: no dialogues

    The sensation of sheer exhilaration that comes with the first puff, excites you, makes you believe that the world that you previously condemned in your state of rationality is truly a wonderful place to be. But how long until this elation plummets into a void you’re unable to pull yourself out of ? Think of it as being on a roller-coaster. As it ascends you are filled with a sense of excitement, your heart beats inside your ribcage with an intensity unknown, eyes widening in anticipation, and you feel like you’re on the top of the world. But what if this rollercoaster took a plunge into a valley of emotions that you wanted to suppress. The bliss that surrounded you earlier turns into misery and you’re unwillingly gripped by the cold hand of fear, as panic strikes your heart.

  27. SWEAT 02:14
  28. United States of America 2021
    Directed by: Elizabeth Xu
    Screenplay: NA
    Animation: Yuan Li Elizabeth
    Technique: Stop Motion
    Music: Asher White
    Production/School: Rhode Island School of Design
    Dialogue language: English

    A dance between light and skin, a stop motion film about what it means to live between kitchen stovetops and windows.